Release 2023.08.23

What’s new in the 2023.08.23 release of Qualytics

New Rule Types

To complete our recently added and already quite popular “isReplicaOf” rule type, we’ve added its converse “isNotReplicaOf” which can be used to check that two sets of fields in different tables are not exact replicas of one another. Both rule types can be applied to data assets in different datastores and even support different underlying datastore technology.

We’ve also added a new Metric check tailored specifically for monitoring times series data. To offer a more comprehensive and customizable checking mechanism, the Metric check supports three comparison types:

  • Percentage Change: Asserts that the field hasn’t deviated by more than a certain percentage (inclusive) since the last scan.
  • Absolute Change: Ensures the field hasn’t shifted by more than a predetermined fixed amount (inclusive) from the previous scan.
  • Absolute Value: During each scan, this option records the field value and asserts that it remains within a specified range (inclusive).

Profiles Page Ordering

The release also includes two new sorting methods to provide users with more intuitive ways to explore their profiles: Sort by last profiled and Sort by last scanned. Updated the default sorting behavior. Profiles will now be ordered by name right from the start, rather than by their creation date.

As usual, our User Guide and accompanying Change Log captures more details about this release.

BY Team Qualytics / ON Aug 23, 2023